NPO Uralgeopole specializes in conducting geophysical surveys to address geotechnical, hydrogeological and environmental problems:

Search minerals and solving problems associated with this



  1. determining the depth of the roof of rocky soils,
  2. cut division into lithological layers;
  3. Mapping permafrost;
  4. the identification and delineation of hydrocarbon accumulations in the man-made part of the near-surface geological environment;
  5. Search and geometrization subsurface gas hydrocarbon accumulations
  6. many others

Water search and solution of problems related


  1. mapping of buried river valleys;
  2. the identification and delineation of karst areas;
  3. determining the position of the groundwater level;
  4. determine the direction and speed of groundwater;
  5. the identification and delineation of anomalous areas
  6. related salinization of fresh groundwater and many others

Environmental monitoring and forecasting


  1. establishing and tracking tectonic faults and fracture zones;
  2. detection and monitoring control   areas of development of dangerous geological processes: karst, landslides, thawed zones of tectonic disturbances, soil areas with weak physical and mechanical properties;
  3. to study the state of film screens and storage tanks of liquid waste;
  4. leak detection and monitoring control and underground storage tanks of liquid waste and many others)
  5. many others

Solving problems in the construction

  1. nondestructive testing state of engineering structures, including waterworks, foundations of buildings;
  2. determining corrosivity of soils and the presence of stray currents,
  3. depth evaluation of piling; examination distributable wires and other utilities;
  4. leak detection and monitoring control and underground storage tanks of liquid waste and many others)


Provide modern methodological, software and hardware that will support your land and mine geophysical works:



  1. ZOND software system for processing the results of electrical sounding and profiling.
  2. Hardware and software AMC-1 complex to carry out field survey methods VES, EP, EP.
  3. Providing training courses in the use of hardware and software system AMC-1 and ZOND.