ZOND-M (Monitoring system)

It is for continuous monitoring of geological medium.


AMS-1, commutator KAMS-1

Advantages of ZOND-AMS hardware and software complex

  • The possibility of on-line control of the investigated object physical condition in the depth interval approximately 300 m from all over the world.
  • Completely automated system.
  • The system is based on the group sounding method with the usage of inversion array. It provides the opportunity to control the rock physical condition in the investigated depth interval with the stationary system.
  • With the purpose to control and decrease the enhanced level of electrical noise, measurements are conducted with the predetermined ratio “noise/signal”, estimated by the procedure of the spectral analysis of observed electrical field.



Application field

Monitoring of different physical and geological processes (karst, failure formation, landslide, ground water migration and others), control of hydrotechnical objects and other constructions condition and others.