IS128 Seismic recording system

The number of channels from 16 to 128 (a multiple of 16)
The scheme of the Seismic recording system is shown in the following figure.

The basis of the seismic recording system is 16-channel telemetering modules IM2416 SEISMO DAS.

The system can be equipped with modules IM2416 SEISMO DAS in the range of 1 to 8.
The modules are connected in series RS485 interface cable.
IM2416 RS485-Bluetooth or IM2416 RS485-USB modules are installed at the end of the interface cable. Data is transmitted by Bluetooth or USB modules to laptop which is the central module of the seismic recording system. You can use any laptop with OS Windows.

The laptop Panasonic CF-31 (CF-30) is recommended. It is possible to supply the second hand laptop CF-30 in perfect condition at a price two times lower than the new.

Each module IM2416 SEISMO DAS is connected with two 8-channel sensor cables QMS-16-8-XX, where xx is the distance between geophones. Interval between geophones is determined when ordering system.

Module Passport (PDF)