Zond System

The ZOND computer program system has been designed by our specialists for the processing and interpretation of ground and underground electrical explorations data, obtained with the help of vertical electrical sounding and its modifications (electrical tomography, group sounding and others). Also the Zond program can be used for the qualitative interpretation of data obtained by a wide range of other electromagnetic methods (self-potential, transient sounding, magnetotelluric method, frequency sounding and others).

It is necessary to note that the interpretation of electrical tomography data is realized with the usage of conventional principles of vertical electrical sounding interpretation, prior geological information etc.

The Zond software is widely used for the solving of different geological, engineering, ecological, hydrogeological and other problems.

An example of the program ZOND


Program update

Uralgeopole company constantly works on improving of the Zond system taking into account all consumer proposals and adding new program functions. On request, we carry out the update ZOND system. Refer to our e-mail info@uralgeopole.ru or call +7.3422981107

Advantages of the system ZOND

High efficiency

  1. a) High degree of automation of processing and interpretation provides the possibility of the efficient interpretation of large amounts of raw data. For example, the stage of quantitative interpretation of the areal survey results, including approximately 500 soundings (the result of the field work of one team for 2-3 months), is not more than 10 minutes. In case of emergency situations (high noise levels, extremely high lateral variability of the properties of the environment, the impact of man-made objects, etc.) can be used the option to view and adjust individual fragments obtained geoelectric model in an interactive mode of interpretation.
  2. b) The use of specially designed visualization of results for each of the interpretation stages accelerates the process of the results analysis.
  3. c) Original data can be directly imported from the AMS-1 measuring equipment adapted to this program.

The usage of the AMS-ZOND hardware-software complex combines the advantages of both hardware and software. It can significantly improve survey efficiency providing the possibility to get information about the structure and the physical condition of the investigated medium rapidly with the assessment of the results reliability.

Reliability of results

The ZOND system is unique. The high reliability of the results achieved through the specially created algorithms for the increase of solutions unambiguity, based on the usage of the regularization, statistic modeling and formalization of the interpretation experience, allow to determine the most appropriate variant of investigated geological medium structure between the variety of solutions automatically.

Theoretical bases of the ZOND system have been discussed in many scientific publications, including two monographs and two handbooks on electrical prospecting. It has been used successfully in a number of geophysical organizations and universities of the country for over 30 years.


A wide set of interpretive possibilities, including the analysis of the data quality, the primary processing, qualitative and quantitative interpretation, analysis of parametric sounding, different visualization types (graphics, sections, maps, three-dimensional model), the assessment of differences between calculated and the observed fields and others. Also the Zond system can be used for the qualitative interpretation of data obtained by a wide range of other electromagnetic methods (self-potential, transient sounding, magnetotelluric method, frequency sounding and others) with the results visualization (sections, maps and three-dimensional maps of the apparent resistivity and other parameters.

Simplicity and convenience

Simplicity and convenience of practical application are provided by creation of service maintenance, certified by investigation experience.
AMC-1 equipment has been created with the close assistance of the ZOND software developers, taking into account the characteristics and specifics of its practical application aimed at simplifying conducting work. This hardware-software complex is in constant improvement and development.
Easy to install ZOND system on your computer.

Contents of delivery:

  • Installation CD-ROM
  • Electronic USB-dongle
  • User’s Guide (electronic or hard copy)

Activation is required. Once the package is installed, you need to register once in a system module from the ZOND, and the package is ready for use. To install and register modules need about 10-15 minutes to connect to the Internet or other communication with the Supplier is required. Prerequisite work package – connected to USB-port PC dongle supplied.

Promptness of production activities and the quality of the material is greatly increased when the integrated use of software ZONDs and equipment AMC-One, which provides for special training and digital recording of observations in the format of the source data system ZOND, which allows to carry out an interpretation directly from the observed data, downloaded from this equipment .

ZOND software system has been used successfully in the following organizations: “VERHKAMTISIZ” (Perm), LLC “PermProektIzyskaniya” (Perm), CJSC “Stroyizyskaniya” (Ufa), OJSC “Uralkali” (Berezniki), NIPPPPD Ltd. “Nedra” (Perm), LLC “TyumenNIIgiprogaz” (Tyumen), OOO “Geostroy” (Moscow), “prospector” OOO (Berezniki, Perm region), Perm State University (PSNRU, Perm ), Kazan federal University (FGAOUVPO, Kazan) “LotosGeo” (Anapa), Design Companies “Nord” (Perm), LLC “Zapsibstroyizyskaniya” (Surgut), and others.

Prerequisite work package – connected to USB-port PC dongle supplied.

Shipment (transfer of service delivery) – 2-4 business days after payment is received. If the Customer through the Dealer pre-declares its desire to purchase a package, the period of shipment delivery service may be reduced to 1-2 days.

ZOND Detailed descriptions (in Russian)

Some screenshots of the proposed windows software


Certificate of authorship

Beware of imitations!

No license ZOND program versions have not the full functionality and bugs in software that may distort the final result that is much more expensive than buying a license the product.

Illegal distribution and use of software is punished by law and entails both administrative and criminal liability.