Condition monitoring structures, foundations. Determination of the corrosivity of soil depth evaluation of pile driving and more.


Search for oil and gas exploration, monitoring of existing deposits and the solution of many other problems associated with this.


Determination of the depth of the roof of rocky soils, the dismemberment of the section on the lithological layers, mapping of permafrost and more.


Identification and Monitoring control plots of dangerous geological processes: karst, landslides, thawed zones of tectonic disturbances, and much more.



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About complexing Electrometry methods for solving problems of hydro-geological conditions in the urban areas on the example of salt deposits Verkhnekamskoye



  The use of computer technology in identifying areas of salinization of groundwater and subsurface hydrocarbon accumulations in the areas of oil fields


The application of computer technology iinterpretatsii electrical prospecting data in the study of karst areas