Zond System

ZOND automated system is intended to provide information about the structure and the physical state of the medium under study online (for example, a slice of land to a depth of 30 meters up to several kilometers)

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Hardware and software system AMC-One for performance of electric survey resistivity, natural field, induced polarization, pipelines diagnostics, electrochemical studies, etc.

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Search minerals, search for water, environmental monitoring and forecasting solution of various problems related to construction

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We are looking for dealers and partners worldwide to sell hardware and software systems for electronic geological exploration


1Condition monitoring structures, foundations. Determination of the corrosivity of soil depth evaluation of pile driving and more.

Oil & Gas

2Search for oil and gas exploration, monitoring of existing deposits and the solution of many other problems associated with this.

Natural Resources

3Determination of the depth of the roof of rocky soils, the dismemberment of the section on the lithological layers, mapping of permafrost and more.


4Identification and Monitoring control plots of dangerous geological processes: karst, landslides, thawed zones of tectonic disturbances, and much more.


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